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Chargebacks911 Review

Chargebacks911 Review: The Most Notable Niche Business Ever?

Achieving success in the business world is always a challenge, but for entrepreneurs who enter a niche market, the process is even more difficult.

From a marketing standpoint, I enjoy the unique challenges of branding a business with a very specific area of expertise. That’s why I jumped at the chance to work with Chargebacks911.

For this month’s blog post, I wanted to share a Chargebacks911 review. I’d like to highlight the ways this relatively new startup was able to identify a void in the market and successfully create a solution that is now in great demand.

The History of Chargebacks911

Before launching Chargebacks911, the company’s co-founders had established professional success in their respective careers. However, during a stint as ecommerce merchants, they ran into a new challenge, chargeback management, and struggled to establish financial stability. When they tried to get help, the business owners discovered a void in the market. There weren’t adequate chargeback mitigation solutions available to ecommerce merchants.

The business owners became self-taught experts on the subject of chargebacks. After establishing a way to minimize risk for their own online business, the newly-minted experts were sought out to help other merchants who were struggling with these same financial burdens.

Turning a Specialty Into a Success

top_ranked_cb911During my Chargebacks911 review, I learned the company has grown by leaps and bounds since its creation in 2009. Chargebacks911™ has been included in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list for two consecutive years. In 2015, the company was ranked #665, boasting 342 employees and a 3-year growth of 679%.

Chargebacks911™ has served more than 2,000 merchants and fought over 1 million chargebacks. Each month, the company processes more than 150 million transactions.

In just a few short years, the co-founders of Chargebacks911™ have created new niche marketing milestones. They’ve managed to turn an incredibly specific expertise into one of the most highly sought-after services in the payment industry.

Even as new competitors have emerged, Chargebacks911™ has been able to maintain their identity within the niche. They continually look for ways to stay one step ahead of the industry demands, offering dynamic and innovative solutions.

The company’s purpose is twofold. They prevent all preventable chargebacks, using various tools and strategies to virtually eliminate the risk of chargebacks. They also specialize in representment. Once all other chargeback opportunities have been eradicated, Chargebacks911™ helps merchants successfully dispute illegitimate chargebacks.

A Five Star Review


Obviously, I’m a fan of this inspiring business! I’ve experienced their professionalism and expertise first-hand, and I have nothing but positive things to say about Chargebacks911.

I would highly recommend their services to any merchant, but especially ecommerce stores, businesses with recurring payments, and any other ventured dubbed “high risk” by the payment industry.

If this Chargebacks911 review has piqued your interest, contact the company directly for more information. Chargebacks911™ guarantees ROI. If your business won’t benefit from their services, they’ll tell you.


630 Chestnut St.

Clearwater, FL 33756


877-634-9808, 727-461-1089

Find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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