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Dear Search Geeks,

We created this infographic mainly because the idea was too funny to let pass.  At Subtle Network we’ve been frustrated by the friendly fire that’s been flying around the SEO community. We wanted to communicate the idea that there are pros and cons to almost any SEO strategy.  The real divide as we see it should not be between white hat and black hat (though we’re all really a shade of gray), rather it should be between genuine marketers and those who seek to rob and steal from people in the name of SEO.  Mostly however, we just wanted to do something funny as hell that other search geeks might get a kick out of.  If you like this graphic, please take the time to show your social appreciation.  We also made available each individual card so you embed them in articles as well. Just make sure you show the requisite link love.

Jarrod Wright
Secret Ninja Superhero

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The Big White Hat Card The Little White Hat Card The Lone Wolf Card Ad Agency Card The Affiliate Card The Apprentice Card The Con Man Card The Corporation Overlord Card
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