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My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

Jarrod Wright

RSS Blog BoxThere is no doubt that it can be hard to find the time to devote to something like a blog. There isn’t the direct correlation between productivity and profits that there is with the other business tasks demanding our attention. It’s unlikely that an individual blog post will have any impact whatsoever on our bottom line. So our blogs gets pushed further and further down our to-do lists until it becomes a mainstay at the bottom of our thoughts hanging out with the other pipedreams.

There is also another reason writing a blog can be difficult. This second reason is the one that remained the largest impediment in my own mind. It’s simply that writing the first post seemed an impossible proposition. I had many ideas that I wanted to write about, but none seemed appropriate topics for my very first post.

The first post will undoubtedly be the least important post I’ll ever write. In the literally thousands of hours I have spent pouring over others blogs I can never remember a time when I actually read a very first post. Writing the first post on a new blog, with no readers, feels a bit like giving a speech to an empty room. Not only is the exercise seemingly pointless, but the imperfections are magnified by the echoing silence.

It occurred to me when I was thinking about what to write, that I could just bang on the keyboard with slightly more purpose than a monkey just to have some copy to throw at this problem. This idea was appealing until I realized that the first post may also simultaneously be the most important post I ever write. The first post can set the tone for the entire blog. Who wants to try to build something substantial atop a bedrock of soft and unimportant mush. The first post, like it or not, matters.

It was this seemingly impossible dichotomy that prevented me from addressing my own lack of a blog until now. Even as I encouraged clients to blog about their business and ad fresh content to their sites, my own site remained stagnant and stale. The first post obstacle was the mental block that prevented me from taking my own advice.

When I was single and was faced with the prospect of talking to women whom I had never met, I would often get nervous during my self introduction. I learned that if I tried to conceal my nerves, I’d just end up saying awkward things and most likely fumble my way into a social burning wreck. For this reason I tried, on occasion, to publicly acknowledge my nerves whenever I felt them. The end result was usually that I’d seem disarming and would deliver what was often considered a genuine compliment.

This blog post is the result of that lesson. Instead of fumbling my way through this blog without acknowledging it’s awkward truth, I’ve decided to cop to my thoughts and address them head on. I feel happy, relieved and a little amused as I realize that this is almost my final sentence. This first post is DONE!